LabsLand Spaces

A LabsLand Space is a website personalized for the school, where instructors can manage the students, groups, and laboratories.

Creating groups and assigning laboratories

Each school has its own space in LabsLand a space will have one or several associate professors, and potentially also students. In this space, teachers with administration privileges can create groups. A group represents a class or a course.

Through this system, teachers can control which labs students can access, provide them with access, view statistics on their groups without mixing them with other teachers' groups, etc.

Preparing access for students

One of the most important functions of LabsLand spaces is to allow teachers to manage student access to the labs. There are different access methods to suit the needs and circumstances of each school. The main objective is to make access as easy as possible for the student, so that they don't get "lost" along the way.